Our Newsletter

Our newsletter was published regularly by Terry Collins and reflects the running and events of the Society. Each member of the Society received a copy of the newsletter as part of their membership but the committee have decided to publish our newsletters for everyone to enjoy.

Terry published the Newsletter for 10 years. 2012 - 2022. A brilliant piece of work that reflects the Society’s range of talks and meetings. Thanks Terry.

Issue 1. July 2012.

Covering our origins and our first talk, the River Lea.

Issue 2. August 2012.

The Parish Churches and the late Charles Lovick.

Issue 3. October 2012

Stanstead Bury and quiz night,

Issue 4. January 2013

In Memoriam, The Maltings and The Xmas party.

Issue 5. March 2013

The coming of the railway, William Clift.

Issue 6. May 2013

Book launch, The Meridian Line, The Ware Mutiny.

Issue 7. July 2013

The Lost Gardens of Hertfordshire. Easneye mansion andCollege.  William Clift.

Issue 8. October 2013

Sanville Gardens and Lea Valley nurseries. The Red Lion.

Issue 9. January 2014.

Peasants revolt and the Black Death. The Buntingford Line. SALHS Christmas party.

Issue 10. April 2014.

Building restoration. Toads and leeches. Family History research.

Issue 11. July 2014

On the River. The Magna Carter. Walking the High Street history. The History of Rye  House.

Issue 12. October 2014.

The Much Hadham Forge. SALHS barbecue. Scouts talk. The realities of war. SALHS quiz night.

Issue 13. January 2015.

In Memoriam. Buntingford line part 2. Christmas party. The sad story of Admiral Sir Henry Nicholson.

Issue 14. April 2015.

Theobalds. The Poor Law. Ware History.

Issue 15. July 2015.

Hidden Hertfordshire. Saint James' Church. Markets and market Towns. AGM 2015.

Issue 16 Oct  2015

Julian Grenfell. St James Church origins. Hertford Corn Exchange. Salhs Barbeque.


Issue 17 January 2016

Royal Gunpowder Mills. Mr Mead cappell lane. Herts Landscape history.

Issue 18 April 2016

Antiques road show. Robbery at the vicarage. The 18C workhouse. Archaeology in Herts..

Issue 19 July 2016

Scotts Grotto, Rye House visit, Dick Turpin, The Herts Regiment at the Somme.

Issue 20 October 2016

Malting in Hertfordshire, Witchcraft, Alfred Waterhouse,

Issue 21 January 2017

The Buxtons of Easneye, Literary lives, The frozen river, A tale of the river bank.

Issue 22 April 2017

The Gunpowder Plot, General Joseph Bonus, The Griffin Inn, Stanstead Abbotts convicts,

Issue 23 July 2017

From bear skins to beer, Burtons newsagents, Slavery compensation, A village wedding, RAF at Hunsdon.

Issue 24 October 2017

Children of the working poor, Ware in the 14th cent, Old Stanstead Lock, Stanstead Gin distillery.

Issue 25 January 2018

Ian White 1946-2017, Amwell Magna fisheries, Hertfordshire parks and the Tudors, Old Sunday laws.

Issue 26 April 2018

Rise and fall of the country house. Stanstead Abbotts, closed. Remarkable women from Hertfordshire.

Issue 27 July 2018

The Baesh Charity. Stanstead Abbotts maltings. Ladies football team 1953

Issue 28 October 2018

Hunsdon House. Top of the high Street. Salisbury Hall & De Havilland museum. St. Margaret’s listed buildings.

Issue 29 January 2019

River Lea to Leyton. Holiday guests. Windmills and water mills. Christmas party 2018.

Issue 30 Apri 2019

Tea and tea drinking. Harlow New Town. Herts and the slave trade. When the railways opened 1843.

Issue 31 July 2019

AGM 2019. Ladies of the village buying gunpowder. The Lea Valley Park. Royston cave and the Templars.

Issue 32 October 2019

Pagoda at Kew Gardens. 7 martyrs of St Albans. Research and time travel.  Hurricane at Olives Farm.

Issue 33 January 2020

Hoddesdon - Saxons to supermarkets.  Much Hadham - a tour. Glenmire Windmill. Hailey brick works.

Issue 34 April 2020

Policing in Hertfordshire.  Stanstead Abbotts airfield plaque. The Stort story. Historic Malting in the village.

Issue 35 July 2020

Historic inns of Stanstead Abbotts. Anne Boleyn and Stanstead Abbotts. Archie Miller. Cambridge goes zoom. Ragged School outing to Stanstead Abbotts.

Issue 36 October 2020

Becoming a house detective. Odd pots and foreigners. South Street and its early history. Stage coaches and Stanstead Abbotts.

Issue 37 January 2021

From Flanders to the Tower. Theobalds Park. The Pulhams of Broxbourne 1793-1957. Captain Colthurst and the New River.

Issue 40 October 2021

Great Amwell Lime kiln. Walking the New River. Queen Victoria’s Rooms at Kensington Palace.

Issue 39 July 2021

Waterford Church. The signal box at St. Albans South. The history of Welwyn Garden City. British Legion ladies on coronation day.

Issue 38 April 2021

Hertfordshire through time. A pub crawl from Turnford to Hoddesdon. Richard Hunt - Victorian business man.

Issue 41 January 2022

Murders in Hertfordshire. Amwell Pool and cottage. Bill Kitt, Boatman.

Issue 42 April 2022

Hertfordshire and the slave trade. An Evening With Old Relics. A walk with the Admiral. St. Margaret’s Level Crossing Goes to Court.